Following 2012 Market S&P results (based on amount of liquidity added to the Market in 2009 & now 2020…

The chart above shows the S&P & its current performance this year… (updated 16 MAY 2023 )
NOTE: Liquidity is being removed, so after August is questionable…

Following 2011 Market S&P results (based on amount of liquidity added to the Market in 2009 & now 2020…

The Table (below) shows how the Equity (stock) Market exponentially out-performs when compared to TSP or 401K plans ( before & after MARKET meltdown ).

The DOW at 24,600 from 2017 thru May 2020.

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😎   Economic Cyclical Chart
shows where to allocate all or part of your money by date
( up 31.4% in year 2021…).
( up 2.4% in year 2022…).


Say you had $300K in the TSP “S” fund (or 401K) in Sept 2018.  By Christmas 2018, you had only $226K ( –24.7% ).
To get even, you needed a % gain greater than the % lost ( +32.9% ).
By FEB 2020, you had $325K ( +43.9% ).  You may think you made $100K in 2019, but that’s because you didn’t track your lost from 2018…
By MAR 6 2020, you have only $277K ( –14.8% ).  And are now down in the last 18 months…
The Good News…  With 5% contributions of $100K salary & 4% Agency match from Sept 2018, you have your additional contribution ($7.6K) plus 96% of Agency match (a gain of $6K in 18 months). So, adjusted balance $283K ( –13.0% ).

MEANWHILE:  despite no matching agency funds, if you had $300K in Microsoft stock in Sept 2018.  You would now have $447K today (down from $522K in FEB). A gain of ( +32.9% ).

That’s why 401K aren’t that great in an economy with unregulated capitalism.  By retirement, greed & inflation will kick your butt

UPDATE:  By Sept 7 2020, you have only $320K ( +7% ) in your TSP now (not much to show for the last 24 months)…  
You would now have $585K ( +95% ) today ( in Microsoft stock )…

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