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1.  Click  Menu  /  then click  Generate Numbers.
2.  Pick either Powerball or Mega Millions.
3.  Click Select Number  /  then click desired quantity of combos to display.
4.  Click Generate to display your number combos /  or click Download to get a CSV file.
5.  Pick your POWERBALL / MEGA BALL  from this website
.     in the ( NOTES / DUE area ).
.   ( BOLD indicates favored by algorithms, BLUE favored by me ).
NOTE:  If Generate button doesn’t work, reset by click & hold – CTRL & SHIFT & R

WATCH the 5 part TikTok videos…
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Video Pt 4      Video Pt 5

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  1. Used your website for the first time, and had a net positive for the first time ever, playing the lottery, in 5 years (even though they were all just powerball number hits). I hit 4 out of the 5 numbers throughout 5 combinations. I would like to make that 1% donation even if it just helps a little bit. If you can post your link to your paypal or a donation button for the website, I would be more than willing as I plan to continue to use your website to make picks.

    1. Trying to build a Lotto Clusters Team to do all the physical ball lotteries in several countries. But right now, I don’t have any interest from any young techie types ( web/database developers, full stack, back-end, etc. ) for Partnership… No venture capital interest currently…
      There’s a fortune to be made, but no interest or believers…

  2. my name is Jeff and I would like to make a monthly donation of $5 dollars a month i like the site so if you could email me a link to make that donation i would really appreciate it thank you and great job with the charts they work and help with picking the numbers.

  3. I’m winning more than ever before. My winnings are paying for the plays. I’ll be more than happy to pay for this info. Thank you.

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