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Check the “Posted date”.  5 Column Chart is good for a couple drawings .

Database & Back-end developers ( partnership ) – Pattern recognition algorithms for “physical balls” lotteries.
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  1. Used your website for the first time, and had a net positive for the first time ever, playing the lottery, in 5 years (even though they were all just powerball number hits). I hit 4 out of the 5 numbers throughout 5 combinations. I would like to make that 1% donation even if it just helps a little bit. If you can post your link to your paypal or a donation button for the website, I would be more than willing as I plan to continue to use your website to make picks.

  2. ‘Length’ = A duration that quantifies a number of drawings for a particular grade’s peak. Repeaters hit often in consecutive drawings, and would have a short duration (length = A). Numbers that hit in regular cycles (more consistent patterns) would have a longer duration for a particular grade’s peak (length = C/D).
    The average drawing produces one or two racetrack numbers or repeaters (length = A), one or two consistent numbers (length = C/D), and maybe one in transition (length = B).
    Last night Mega Millions lengths A,B,C,C,C
    Look at the CHEAT SHEET for good length combos… Obviously the length combo D,D,D,E,G is NOT Good…
    So pick your numbers from the five columns, then look at the lengths to verify a good combo! I’ll update the video on it when I have time.

    1. It’s based on characteristics of a number over time… the odds of the combo coming up! It’s another way to differentiate what I call racetrack numbers (that hit in clusters) from statistically consistent numbers… Most often 3 of 5 drawn numbers will have no ODDs Sequence symbol (blank). The combination of ODDs Sequence patterns from the 4th & 5th Columns will indicate whether the combo hit (historically) 10% of the time or way less… ODDs Sequence % is posted under CHEAT SHEET.

    1. Look at the Cheat Sheet.
      Tight Range hits 43% ( 1st number has to be between 1-18 )
      Loose Range hits 60% ( 1st number has to be between 1-24 ).
      NOTE: more numbers = more combos — NOT desirable…
      Normally play Loose Range ( 60% of results ) for BEST combos, unless Tight Range is OVERDUE…

    1. Trying to build a Lotto Clusters Team to do all the physical ball lotteries in several countries. But right now, I don’t have any interest from any young techie types ( web/database developers, full stack, back-end, etc. ) for Partnership… No venture capital interest currently…
      There’s a fortune to be made, but no interest or believers…

  3. I update the 5 Column Chart when I can. Chart is good for several drawings, only the numbers that hit will change. that is, if something is due or overdue — it will still be due or overdue if it did not hit… Also, posting tiktok videos when I can. @mikesteinback

  4. my name is Jeff and I would like to make a monthly donation of $5 dollars a month i like the site so if you could email me a link to make that donation i would really appreciate it thank you and great job with the charts they work and help with picking the numbers.

  5. Don’t worry about it for now, because I’m not consistent with updates. Until I get a team of techs together, it’ll be free.

  6. PRA “pattern recognition algorithms” are for “physical ball” lotteries. It is based on physical / mathematical outcome characteristics associated with recent drawings. Does not apply to cards (physical characteristics – worn/not worn – does not matter).

  7. I’m winning more than ever before. My winnings are paying for the plays. I’ll be more than happy to pay for this info. Thank you.

  8. I was wondering do we use all high light numbers or no and what’s the faded numbers in the pick 5 colum chart just curious I’m trying to figure out how to use lotto clusters I want to be a winner eventually just need to know how to use it .

    1. Notes for 5 column chart.
      1. Area of column that hit the most have highlighted background (Blue, Gray)
      2. Font color of numbers (Red, Blue, Black, Dark Gray). Cluster Sequence 1-1-3 has one Red font number, one Blue font number, three Black or Dark Gray font numbers (normally two Black and one Dark Gray).

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