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              In short, I develop thirteen (13) different algorithms / filters that determine the probability of a particular number repeating or being in the mix based on physical / mathematical outcome characteristics associated with recent drawings.  Four (4) of the algorithms / filters were originally from a program that I wrote for roulette.

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Results (below & posted on Facebook)

COLOR BALL in a row
AUG 1, 5, 8 – “24”  was listed as a Repeater – hit 3 consecutive drawings in a row
“18”  was a listed Repeater – hit twice in June, July, Sept, & Nov.
Averaged hitting every 6th drawing since June… Six other numbers haven’t hit once in the same time frame.

MEGABALLs in a row
APR 14 – “7”  was No.1 Ranked & No.1 Grade
APR 17 – “14”  was No.1 Ranked & No.3 Grade
APR 21 – “17”  was No.2 Grade & Repeater

MAY 29 – “3”  was No.1 Ranked & No.1 Grade & Due
JUN  2  – “8”  was No.1 Ranked & No.2 Grade & Due
JUN  9  – “22”  was a Repeater


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Analysis of lottery numbers based on all 13 algorithms / filters.
These filters have produced lists for each drawing ( 120,000 combinations of five numbers ) that have included the winning combination several times a year!
Reserve hundreds of combinations for you or your pool to drastically increase your odds of winning!